Innovatium provides powerful solutions carefully crafted to strive for excellency. We research, develop, present, and implement our innovative products and brands to enhance, maximize, and empower your experiences.

Who’s Innovatium

Innovatio is a new way to understand news: from the makers of knowledge, the engineers, the doctors, to you.
No intermediaries.
No barriers.
No limits.

To be ready for anything, you need to be vigilant. Watchful. Prepared.
Vivantium is your personal watcher: always vigilant of your body. And by listening to what your body reveals, Vivantium is able to actually predict, infer, and warn you of any issues before they happen.

Aimarokk is a brand new experience in fitness: each tool and device is aware and ready to help you transform yourself. 
You are ready. Now everything else is ready, too.

Our Strengths

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    Software Development

    From a wild and great idea, to a wonderful product through painful code-forging sessions, and beyond!

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    Industrial Design

    Who doesn’t love gadgets? We strive to make each of our devices both evolutionary AND revolutionary.

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    Research & Development

    Seriously, we just love pushing things forward. And we have white coats and weird-geeky googles, too.

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    Do you like to drive with your eyes closed? We neither, and that’s why we impulse marketing so much.

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    Some of our guys are a bit *too* obsessed with Jurassic Park, if you know what I mean.

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    We strive for the best frame for each scene. In every aspect of our lives.

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    Graphical Design

    Many pixels died for the making of this website, and we will sacrifice many more for our incoming awesome designs.

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    We push up, pull down, dip low, and even squat for the best results. With extra effort on top, of course.

Getting in Touch

Head to our Contact page and leave us your impressions, ideas, requests, projects… We are eager to getting to know you better! 
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